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We have the best professionals in the sector in Mallorca, come and visit us without obligation! We will inform you of everything you need. Take the plunge!

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    Hair recovery treatments

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    Hair recovery treatments

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    Hair recovery treatments

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Mallorca hair transplant

Our patients and our experience make us a leader in performing hair grafts in Mallorca, and here at Nadal Hair Clinic we are pioneering experts on the island.

Hair grafts Mallorca

Solving your problems of alopecia or hair loss is not as difficult as it used to be...We are the solution you’ve been looking for all this time! In addition to performing hair transplants in Palma, we stand out for giving our patients comprehensive advice.

Did you know that many of our patients had delayed their hair graft because they had unresolved doubts? Don’t you think that you should be completely sure about having a treatment like that done? That’s why we are sure that we are the perfect Hair Clinic in Palma for you! We won’t stop until our patients have no more doubts. We want you to trust us, ask us and, when you are sure, take the next step.

There are no more doubts, don’t leave it any longer....We’re waiting for you at Nadal Hair Clinic!

Hair recovery treatments Mallorca

If you have noticed your hair starting to fall out or you realise you have an area which is starting to thin out, get the solution in time! Don’t leave it and put yourself in the hands of the experts.

Hair recovery treatments

We have various hair recovery treatments. Come to see us and our experts will advise you about the most suitable treatment for your current situation.

Mesotherapy or Capillary biostimulation (PRP), treatments with antiandrogen drugs, dutasteride microinjections, minoxidil.... As you can see, there are various types of treatments. Let our experts work out which is the best for you, and don’t leave it any longer!

A hair recovery treatment performed early enough can be the solution for your hair and to make you feel good.

Come to Nadal Hair Clinic and get the first consultation for free. We will analyse your situation and we will provide you with a no obligation diagnosis, completely free of charge!

Our advantages

Full hair transplant

€2,900 VAT included. Unlimited follicles and option of finance.