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Hair transplant

Full hair transplant price: €2,900 (VAT included)

A hair transplant is a treatment which is performed using follicular microinjections, achieving completely natural results in patients. The surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic in the scalp area and is minimally invasive, so the patient can return to their normal life in just a few days.

The hair graft transplant is carried out in patients suffering from alopecia, normally androgenetic alopecia, who are wanting to improve the hair density in a specific area of the scalp where they are suffering from the effects of hair loss.

The hair transplant technique has advanced over the years and is currently a completely safe treatment, performed by professionals and which achieves visible and natural results.

At the Nadal Hair Clinic, we give you advice and perform your hair transplant with unlimited follicles at a set price. Now is your time!

Capillary biostimulation (PRP)

Treatment price for 1u: €150

Capillary biostimulation consists of the infiltration of plasma rich platelets (PRP) in the patient’s scalp and is used as a treatment for alopecia, helping new hair to grow and improving the thickness and quality of the already existing hair.

The main advantage of PRP is that, given it is extracted from the patient themselves, it is a completely safe substance that will not cause problems or rejections or produce any type of allergy.

In general, the treatment is carried out in several annual sessions and the results start to become visible from the second session, noticeable with an increase in thickness of the patient’s hair. It is a simple treatment but with great results.

Capillary mesotherapy

Treatment price for 1u: €120

Capillary mesotherapy is a simple technique which consists of the intradermal injection of a series of medications which help to nourish the scalp and follicular units. They include vitamins, oligopeptides and hyaluronic acid, and produce stronger, healthier hair as a result.

In addition, it promotes the growth of the hair and improves the quality of the scalp, having a fast and direct effect on the condition of the hair. In terms of results, they depend on the pathology being treated.

It has proven to be extremely helpful in the initial stages of chronic and acute problems, and as a treatment combined with microinjections and hair transplants.

Antiandrogen Drugs

Antiandrogen drugs are normally an orally administered medication which is used to treat cases of male androgenic alopecia, one of the main causes of alopecia.

These drugs curb and reverse hair loss, acting directly on the follicular root, and are one of the most effective ways of treating this type of alopecia.  The treatment is fast and simple, and does not usually cause reactions or adverse effects, so it is possible to continue with a normal lifestyle after the sessions.


Minoxidil is a medication for topical use which is applied to the scalp, normally in the form of foam. This treatment stimulates healthy hair growth while also enhancing the thickness of the hair.

In general, it is a simple treatment thanks to its method of application and has few drawbacks. It can cause a slight irritation to the scalp because it contains an excipient with alcohol, although it can be prevented with the appropriate shampoo and adjusting the concentration of medication in each patient using a simple clinical test.

Dutasteride microinjections

Dutasteride is an antiandrogen which is infiltrated directly into the scalp to improve hair density. In this way, the follicular root receives a high concentration of the medication, so it increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

These microinjections are very simple interventions and do not require special care beforehand or afterwards. Dutasteride is a drug which has a prolonged effect on the hair in the long term so just a few sessions is usually enough and can be used as a supplementary treatment or as a stand-alone therapy, depending on each case.

Full hair transplant

€2,900 VAT included. Unlimited follicles and option of finance.